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Providing the best quality!

Create your own perfect world!

Party Destination Grid is 3D social virtual world. The system is running on state of the art high performance technology. OpenSimulator is the leading open source software for the multi-grid-platform.

The grid is free to join. For the community donations are greatly appreciated. People can enjoy the community and older members will provide assistance to the newer ones.

People can explore the Party Destination Grid, socialize, participate in groups activities and create or trade services with other users. Let yourself be a part of our virtual life. So please do invite all your friends to join Party Destination Grid.

Besides the normal daily routine members will be able to join parties, participate in contests, win award, find freebieplaces and more.

The Party Destination Grid allows gaming, gambling and camping, if the users create and use such content.

The beginning of something remarkable!

In Party Destination Grid every day is fun in many regions. For all members is this unforgettable experience and they want to fell it every day.

In grid all members created harmony and if you see it in you are cordially invited. Members can also create their creation and share it with other members.

Get place for your imagination!



Are you a creator? Party Destination Grid offers creators free store rentals to help you get started!

Want to your own region? Full Regions are only 20€ or 27US$.

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Party Destination Grid offers home rentals in an upscale beach community called "White Sands" each home is unique and set on it's own parcel giving you the rights to control media and privacy.

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Party Destination Grid News

System Maintenance - 5 November 2018 FINISH

Published: 12 November 2018 On November 5, 2018, we had an urgent repair of the main server. We have hardware failure on the main server. That's why...


System Maintenance - 28 Oktober 2018

Published: 24 Oktober 2018 This sunday 28 Oktober will be maintenance on main asset. All logins will be disabled and will took from 10 AM till 12 AM...


System Maintenance - from 17 till 18 September 2018

Published: 16 September 2018 This weekend from 17 to 18 September will be maintenance on main asset. Mybe will be some interruptions on regions or yo...


Party Destination Grid reach one more record !

Published: 12 August 2018 Today we have reached 900 active members within 30 days. It's very nice to all members to support our grid. Statistics show...


Podex money system in Party Destination Grid !

Published: 1 March 2018 On 1st of March 2018 we lounch new money system named Podex. This system allow all members transfer your money between deffer...


About us

Ljubljanska 91, Maribor, Slovenija
Phone: +00386 2 262893
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We are Tillia company which is engaged in the 3D virtual world. Headquartered is in Slovenia, as well as all of our servers. We offer a wide range of services from virtual worlds with excellent quality.
Keeping up with the Sked Grabber - Director and team leader with 9 years experience in virtual worlds, working for different companies worldwide in various industries.
We are a team of artists who share the same passion for 3D art, socializing and creating new better environment for socializing.
"We're small but we are mighty."
We are trained to create high-quality service. We appreciate the long-term cooperation, responsive communication and mutual understanding.